Client Services

To begin, and to be clear, normally in very nearly every transaction, there is no fee to use me as a Buyer Broker. Typically, my compensation is earned as part of the commission discharged to the listing realty office that is paid by the Seller of the home or property. The Multiple Listing Service offers a unilateral compensation to cooperating Brokers such as myself. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for my Buyer Clients who receive personal and sole representation during their home buying process without cost. In cases involving my representing a Buyer in the purchase of a "For Sale By Owner," my compensation is agreed to beforehand by either the Buyer, the Seller, or in some cases my fee is divided by mutual consent between both parties to the sale. In the occasional event that a Buyer has very specific criteria and conditions requiring extensive expenditures of my time and possible expenses then a Buyer Representation Agreement fee is discussed and established between us. 

My unique services guide clients through the various stages of home buying. These include research and review, preparation of offers, negotiations, inspections, occasional renegotiation's, sales contracts, and coordination of real estate closings. Should you choose to use my services, I will provide you with properties that meet your budget and demands. Using my resources, I hope to bring about as stress-free a closing with as minimal inconvenience as possible. My numerous resources, my competency, and credibility are an asset to any serious real estate Buyer seeking to purchase their ideal vacation home, their first home, or the retirees and investors.

I am committed to helping you find just the right property.

I specialize in new construction having sold a number of new homes while in preliminary construction stages as well as homes still on the drawing board, without a shovel in the ground. My experience extends from pre-construction meetings and contracts to the intricacies of payment draws. I work with project engineers, permits and timetables, negotiating mechanical's, appliance and fixture caps to pre-settlement orientations, all of which are integral aspects of the concept of building a new home. I also specialize in Condominium and Townhome sales. This is a detailed process in which a Buyer must comprehend all aspects of joint ownership and use of common facilities adjacent to, above or below, or belonging to their individually owned real property. Many agents simply 'sell' a condominium without the Buyer having a rigorous understanding of Offering Plans, and Home Owner Association Fees (HOA) or how HOA fees are established and configured. There are always benefits and negatives associated with living in joint ownership compounds. My job is to make certain you as a Buyer, understand these before committing to what may be the biggest financial decision of your life.

There is a vast difference between real estate agents, and most all are not alike. My services go well beyond simply driving around and showing homes.

The differences are simple but significant --  the choice is yours. The first is to choose to work with me as your Buyer Broker. Having achieved the REALTOR Accredited Buyers Representative designation, I am an Independent Buyer Broker, an advocate for my Clients, to represent their fiduciary interests. Almost all other real estate agents work in a real estate office that both lists and market real estate. As such these property owners, also known as Sellers are the realty office’s clients. These Clients or Sellers have retained the realty office to sell their property for the highest and best price. As a result, all the real estate agents working in this realty office are considered sub-agents for the office listing Sellers. These agents responsibility and task is to secure the highest and best price for their clients, the property owners.

Once more, I represent my Clients best financial and emotional interests as an Accredited Buyer Broker. I am your advocate. I am beholden to no one other than my Buyer, my Client. As such, I provide education and thorough information as to all property within the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that meets your criteria, your budget and not just those marketed within one realty office. My independence allows me to furnish my clients with up-to-date research including sales comparable and percentage of the list to sold information as well as absorption rates. I arrange for property showings and provide skilled advice on resale, investment potential, and land options. I have numerous contact resources such as skilled contractors, decorators, designers, architects, land surveyors, fencing contractors, plumbers, electricians, and caretakers. When my Client falls in love with a home and chooses to proceed, my research preparation and skills in negotiating, as a result of my lengthy experience, become essential. My services do not end there but extend to providing all the necessary resources for my clients such as inspectors and attorneys throughout the sale process until its successful conclusion. From beginning to end, I am there for my Client.

Why settle for less?